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Winter 2005

Pre-registration is strongly recommended. Your check to Moving Mantra Yoga will hold your space. Register early as the workshops will fill! Refunds, less $10 up to three days prior to the workshop; no refunds thereafter. To enroll in a workshop, please call 919.449-0530 or email us at

Yoga, Chanting and Meditation Workshop
Sunday, March 6, 10-12:30pm
John Orr and Cyndi Bulka instruct $35

During this gathering, we will weave together hatha yoga, chanting and meditation to attune the body, mind and heart. These three traditions, when combined, have a calming yet energizing effect. We will begin with yoga asanas offered at a level that will be accessible to all who attend. Following a short break, we will be doing chants from various spiritual traditions including Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi and Christian chants. Both the yoga and chanting will prepare our minds for Mindfulness Meditation. The practice of mindfulness, simple yet powerful, is the heart of meditation and the supreme antidote to distraction. Being mindful allows us to be alert, calm and spacious. It truly is the gateway to liberation because we experience our bodies, emotions and thoughts with greater clarity and balance. We hope you will join us for this wonderful program!
John Orr will be leading the chanting and meditation. John was a Buddhist monk for eight years while living in Thailand and India. He has been teaching meditation and leading retreats around the country since 1980. John is an Interfaith minister and teaches at Duke University.

Cool Yoga Tricks and Treats
Saturday, March 12, 11-1:30pm
Cyndi Bulka instructs. $30.00

Practising Yoga can offer our bodies and minds an enhanced sense of awareness, freedom and expansion. However, most of us experience restriction, dullness or tension in specific body parts and poses. In this workshop, we’ll playfully explore classic Yoga asanas with the use of props, partnering and hands on alignment ‘tricks’ to help you remove barriers to a more effortless, light, mindful and balanced asana practice.

Restorative Yoga
Sunday, March 13, 2:30-4:15pm
Cyndi Bulka instructs

Restorative yoga is a gentle, deeply relaxing and restful form of practice ideal for recovery from injury or illness, stress reduction, to compliment a more active practice, or to simply renew mind, body and spirit. Yoga-like postures are practiced with the support of blankets, bolster and blocks. Attention is drawn inward through the breath, and the poses take on a more receptive, surrendering quality. Poses are held for longer periods of time so that a state of deep letting go and relaxation can be reached. No experience necessary. Advance registration is required. Please inquire as to space availability when dropping in.

Kripalu DansKinetics
Saturday, March 19, 11-12:30pm
Suzanne Cardinal, RYT Instructs . $20.00

Kripalu DansKinetics is a fun and freeing creative movement experience
that draws from dance and yoga. To music that ranges from classical to
world beat, folk to funk, rock to gospel, we will explore inner rhythms
and expressive movements. This workshop is for those who want increase
their confidence and creativity. You may leave tired, but fulfilled and more fully alive. No prior dance or yoga experience is needed. Please bring water in a plastic bottle. (ages 9 and up are welcome, children under 13 must come with a participating adult).

Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop
Saturday, March 19, 1-3pm
Suzanne Cardinal instructs
$40/couple plus $15 for additional support persons

Pregnancy is a special time for couples. This workshop is for pregnant
women and their partners. You will learn basic yoga positions that
support the woman’s body, mind, and spirit during pregnancy, labor and
delivery. The partner will learn how to support the pregnant woman,
while staying aware of their own needs during this time of transition.
Partner assisted stretches, supported yoga positions, breath work,
“ being supportive”, and communication between the partners will be

Balancing the Sun and Moon in Your Practice
Saturday, April 9th 11:00-1:30
Patience Armstrong instructs. $30

The balance between sun and moon energies has been explored throughout history in many cultures. Known by ma! ny names, sthira and sukha, yin and yang, feminine and masculine, both are present at once in our bodies and our lives. Using the principles of Anusara yoga we will explore the balance of the powerful sun energy and the sweet, soft moon energy. The workshop will start by emphasizing sun energy with pranayama, and a series of strong standing and balancing poses, practiced with a soft heart like the moon. Later we will progress to deeper openings using the release of moon energy, while keeping the support of the sun in our muscles and alignment. This practice will increase our understanding of our yoga, as well as how to bring the balance of sun and moon in our relationship with ourselves and those around us in our daily lives. Some yoga experience is preferred.

An Afternoon of Vinyasa (Beginner Vinyasa)
Saturday, April 16   11:00a.m. – 1:00p.m
Lydia Pangborn instructs

Beginner Vinyasa
11:00a.m. – 1:00p.m
Learn basic principals of Vinyasa, or Flow style Yoga. Attention will be given to the breath and alignment so that you may flow safely and gracefully.

Intermediate / Advanced Vinyasa
These two hours will be a challenging flow using the breath to express your self freely.

Beginner: $25.00
Intermediate/Advanced: $25.00
Both: $45.00

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