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Student Testimonials

"Six years ago, in my early 40’s, a friend recommended yoga to help me heal after leaving a brutally stressful career. Within weeks I started feeling benefits I didn’t even know I was looking for: I felt more relaxed, more comfortable in my body and healthier than I had since my 20’s. Along with that came a surprise -- yoga also helped me develop the clarity, creativity and strength to find and build an all-new career as a writer.

Since then I’ve worked with many yoga instructors and have learned that there are many styles and types of classes. With trial and error, I learned more about what I need and that finding the right person to help me learn is critical. Cyndi’s group offers diversity, making it easy to test the different waters and find the best spot at any time." ~ Julie Tomlinson

"Going regularly to my yoga class has helped me focus to get what I want out of life: peace, serenity, patience and acceptance. I have learned and I continue to learn to be in peace with my body and my everyday surroundings. To me, yoga class is like a best friend or a sacred time that I allow myself once a week as a precious gift…I highly recommend this practice for anyone who is ready to add something positive and challenging to their lives, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally." ~ Susan Sanchez

"I have attended classes at the Moving Mantra yoga studio for more than three years. Having a classic Type A personality, I was not expecting to relish the experience nearly as much as I have. Cyndi does an amazing job of customizing her instruction to fit everyone from the most accomplished to the perpetual novice, like me. Her efforts to incorporate new approaches into her classes mean they continue to be a treat, week after week, year after year." ~ Nancy Galligan

"I knew I enjoyed yoga and understood deeply that for me it was an integral part of staying balanced, both physically and spiritually. But after breaking my ankle last spring and having to take an extended break, I realized even more clearly how important yoga is to my well-being. I think the reason I like coming to Moving Mantra (even though there are so many other places around to practice yoga) is that physical and spiritual health are considered inseparable, and I too believe with all my heart and soul and body that they are inseparable." ~ Miriam Sauls

"I have known Cyndi for over 10 years. I met her at our community center where she gave lessons. I hadn't practiced yoga for a number of years and her knowledge and enthusiasm lead me to start practicing again. She is an ethical, honest and professional person, both as a business person and as a human being. She also is one of the finest instructors I have had in the many on and off years of practicing yoga. The few instructors that I have gone to at the Moving Mantra Studio also offer a new perspective and have knowledge that augments the teachings of Cyndi. I have recommended and will continue to recommend the studio to my friends." ~ Merrie Robinson

“I’ve been a regular participant in the Sunday afternoon “Meditative Yoga for Relaxation” for the past four years. Not only has this class helped my chronic hip and shoulder problems, but more importantly, it enables me to clear my mind and move into the upcoming work week with renewed energy.” ~ Mary Cantando

"My initial goal in my yoga practice was greater flexibility. I thought it would be a good addition to my exercise program. But it's been much more than that. I've learned much about my body and how it works, but I've also begun to know a peace with what is. I've learned to push, but not beyond my limits, both physical and spiritual. A friend commented not long ago that I seemed more grounded and at peace with myself. While there are many factors that may contribute to that observation, I think my yoga practice is definitely one of them." ~ Karen Johnson

"I cannot say enough good things about the prenatal yoga class. First, instructor Suzanne Cardinal simply radiates calm, something all expectant mothers can benefit from. She sets a friendly, relaxing tone in her class and strives to build community between the mothers-to-be. Prenatal yoga addresses the various aches and pains of pregnancy which all women deal with over the course of 9 months. More importantly, it gives you actual, physical practice with dealing with “strong physical sensation” in labor. You learn to relax and accept things as they are, without tensing up in fear or anticipation of pain. This was key for me, for my first birth was quite long and arduous. I lacked real experience in physical relaxation, and probably “fought myself” way too much in that labor. I wanted things to be different for my 2nd birth, and with the help of this class, they were. I went into labor confident that I had practiced ways to deal with the sensations, and I had a much smoother, easier, more relaxed birth, without any medications whatsoever, at a freestanding birth center." ~ Janet Buehler

"My first yoga class was on ‘the day after’, September 12, 2001. If ever our minds were distracted, it was at that time and Cyndi was able to take this novice into depths of meditation that I couldn’t reach at home with just my two kids as a distraction! Yoga has been the most beneficial addition to my life in many ways. Mind, body and soul may be an over used expression, but in this case I find yoga to be truly healing in every aspect. During the weeks when I feel I could really use the extra hour or two, that’s exactly when I find I get the most out of yoga. My body craves the yoga stretches in a way I thought I could only crave chocolate! I’m so much stronger and I’ve noticed a remarkable increase in energy. My posture has also improved dramatically!" ~ Carrie Antonello

"Moving Mantra has something for everyone, from the neophyte curious about yoga to long-time yogis and yoginis. The teachers all have different but complementary styles, and the classes, workshops and schedules meet all types of needs. The ambience inside the studio is warm and welcoming. I feel very much at home with my practice at Moving Mantra." ~ Terry Haggerty

"I've been taking classes from Suzanne for almost a year now. I found Moving Mantra when I was looking for a prenatal yoga class. I can honestly say that Suzanne's prenatal yoga class prepared me for my first childbirth experience. She discussed ways to help us relax during the birthing process and worked on toning our muscles to prepare for the big day. My husband and I also took her Prenatal Partner workshop. We both agree that we learned more in her workshop and I learned more in her classes than all the classes we took at the hospital. Because of Suzanne's class I was able to deliver my 8lb. 14 oz. baby boy without any pain medication. And after the birth my body bounced back to pre-pregnancy shape in no time. Now it is seven months after the birth of my son and I am taking an all levels yoga class with Suzanne. I look forward to her class every week. It is my relaxation time, my time to focus on me, and my time to forget about all the challenges and stresses of being a mom for an hour and a half." ~ Brittany Walls

"I have noticed in my life that one good thing does indeed lead to another. I began my quest for increased health by finding a more holistic doctor for my everyday care. He then led me to a Chiropractor who also believes in taking care of the whole body not just the part he works on. And he led me to Cyndi! With Cyndi, at Moving Mantra, I have found a comfortable home in which to continue my quest for all around health. To me, yoga is more than just "excercising" the body. It is a way of life that makes you more aware of yourself and the need to honor yourself by taking care of yourself. Cyndi and all her instructors live that very well."
~ Marianne Hartman

"I've been a practicing student at Moving Mantra for almost 4 years greatest sense of achievement is the release I feel during/after class. Sometimes with my busy schedule it's easy to say - I'll just skip class - but, my dedication to my practice keeps me on track. For me - knowing how much more relaxed, open and centered I'll feel after class gives me all the incentive I need. For those days where nothing is going right or I just feel like crawling into bed - yoga is a lifesaver! Thanks for all the support and encouragement." ~ Theresa M. Petruzzi

"Yoga with Cyndi is invigorating, challenging, relaxing, and a time that I can just be without anyone asking me a question. My biggest decision of the session is where I want to make my little nest for the class. Cyndi provides an atmosphere that is healing. She is so gifted in how she clearly shares her abundant knowledge of yoga and how to apply it to our lives. She has a gentleness in her method of instructing that is full of confidence, compassion, humbleness, and sometimes even laughter. No matter how I am feeling or what my body needs, Cyndi weaves it into her class with poses. She encourages her students to be all they can be without judgment of themselves. I am grateful to how Cyndi has enriched my growth as a woman, especially that I am OK just how I am and how I practice yoga. She stresses that yoga is a "process". So is life. One of the greatest gifts I give myself is taking yoga with Cyndi. ~ Jo Brown

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