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Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes are great for:

- Busy Executives, Professionals, Managers, and others who work long
hours at stressful jobs
- Couples and families looking for a meaningful activity to build
communication and quality time with each other
- Pregnant women
- Children with ADD, ADHD, or learning disabilities
- People recovering from injury, illness, or surgery
- People who suffer from chronic/acute conditions where more individualized instruction would be needed.

If you already practice yoga, private sessions can be:

- a way to build and commit to a daily practice that best serves your
needs and your goals
- a “next step” to advancing your practice
- a posture clinic to fine tune and check the details of your alignment
in postures
- challenge your edge and breakthrough plateaus
- a time to focus on Pranayama, Meditation, Yamas, Niayamas, or any
other area of interest within the yoga practices

Private sessions are $75.00 per hour and may be scheduled in your
home or at the studio. To schedule your private session, call Cyndi Bulka at 848-0177 or Suzanne Cardinal at 388-9503.

More information about Cyndi and Suzanne’s backgrounds is available here.

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