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Courses Offered

All Levels
This class builds on basic principals, offering variations and complexities on yoga asanas and pranayama to each individual level. No experience necessary.

Introduction to basic yoga poses and breathing techniques. This is the foundation for any new beginner.

Level I
For graduated beginners and those students wishing for a gentle class. New postures and techniques will build on the groundwork established during the Beginners series.

Level II
An intermediate level class. Further strength, stamina, and flexibility will be generated as more advanced postures are introduced. Deeper experiences of pranayama (breathing) and meditation will be explored.

Level III
Introduction to more advanced asana, pranayama and meditation techniques with an added focus on deepening your yoga practice and commitment.

This class is designed to support the body, mind and spirit during pregnancy, delivery and recovery. No experience necessary. More Info >

Yoga for Relaxation and Meditation
This gentle class emphasizes the meditative and relaxing benefits of yoga with slower movement, longer holds on gentler poses, and extending centering and relaxation/meditation benefits. The class is ideal for those wanting a gentle, healing experience. No experience necessary.

Vinyasa Style Yoga
This challenging yet accessible class involves a graceful, continuous flow of postures and breath. Knowledge of the basic asanas and Sun Salutation are required.

Therapeutic Yoga/Beginner
This one hour class emphasizes therapeutic postures, breathing and relaxation techniques for the shoulder girdle, pelvis and lower back and spine. Ideal for those who are injured, who suffer from chronically held tension, those seeking a gentle class, or beginners looking to lay a stable foundation for practice. No experience necessary.

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