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Cyndi Bulka
Cyndi is the owner and director of the Moving Mantra Yoga Studio. Her passion for teaching spans over 17 years. She is certified in Acu-Yoga and is certified with over 650 hours of advanced study with internationally reputed master teacher Esther Meyers, whose teachings have had a major influence on Cyndi’s development as a yogi and a teacher. Over the years she has also studied with many other well-known teachers, which has led her to integrate her experiences and knowledge into a loving and eclectic approach to teaching, one which focuses on inner exploration, self awareness and acceptance. Her commitment to ongoing education, study and a deep personal practice are reflected in her teaching skills. Cyndi is available for private, semi-private or therapeutic yoga in your home or at the studio, as well as for onsite corporate yoga classes.

Patience Armstrong
Patience is dedicated to the heart opening, loving qualities and alignment principles of Anusara Yoga. She has completed all the prerequisites for certification in the Anusara system and has begun the lengthy certification process. She has over 240 hours of training with John Friend, Anusara's founder, including both level 1 and 2 teacher trainings, therapeutics training, two retreats and eight weekend workshops. In addition, she has assisted senior certified teacher Todd Norian and taken workshops with other senior certified Anusara teachers as well as Douglas Brooks, Tantric philosophy scholar. Patience holds an Interdisciplinary Yoga Certification and is a Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher. As an artist, she is drawn to the creative and elegant quality of the practice of yoga. Her teaching emphasizes self-honoring, loving-kindness and aspiring to the highest that is within each of us.

Sunny Davis, RYT
Sunny is a 25+ year veteran of the fitness industry. She turned to yoga to repair the damage from years of over training her body. After being a student for many years, she began teaching 6 years ago. The two teachers who have had the biggest impact on her style are Joy Doherty and Esther Meyers. Sunny brings her experience from a long time daily practice as well as her knowledge of the bio-mechanics of the body into her classes. She creates a sense of security for the student which allows for self exploration and discovery, allowing students to find their own expression of strength and grace with yoga.

Robin Hughes
Robin’s passion for yoga began five years ago as a way to become more connected with her authentic self, and to find a place of peace and grace in her life. She facilitates her students’ experience by focusing on alignment and breath integration while honoring the self in the present moment. Robin incorporates yogic philosophy into her classes and encourages exploration of body, mind and spirit to promote growth and healing in all areas of life. She completed the Into This World Teacher Training with Suzanne Cardinal in September 2004 and is certified at the 200 hour level.

Diana McPeak
Diana became committed to the practice of yoga in 1998 and has been a student of Cyndi Bulka since January 2000. She trained with Esther Myers, who was first a certified Iyengar teacher (technical precision, strength & energy) and later studied with Vanda Scaravelli (individuality; a natural release of the spine following the wave of the breath). Esther incorporated both styles into her teaching, and she has passed that duality on to her students. Diana is now finishing Esther’s two-year certification program, and is eligible to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level. Diana’s teaching focuses on developing an integration of flexibility and strength, with sensitivity to her students’ needs and abilities. She hopes to foster healing, with emphasis on both the physical benefits and spiritual opening of yoga.

Lydia Pangborn
Lydia is a mother and a marathon runner. Yoga has been important as a stress reliever and as part of her training. After being part of the fitness industry for 10+ years, Lydia knows the importance of Yoga. Lydia has been teaching Yoga since 1999 and completed a 230-hour Yoga teacher training program with the Asheville School of Yoga in 2002. Lydia continues to grow and learn as a yoga teacher by taking workshops with Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste and her personal favorite, John Friend.

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